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I am always keen to read about the thoughts of experts on how to stay ‘healthy, wealthy and wise’.  However, sometimes I am flabbergasted at the huge differences in opinions.  I deal with this by discounting some and sifting through others to try and find what is best for my lifestyle.Running healthy red heart character

I recently encountered two very different views from two eminent doctors.  Dr Roger Landry gives lectures and has just written a  book  ‘Live Long – Die Short’ it is available on Kindle from Amazon.

Dr Landry is a retired air force colonel and flight surgeon.  He encourages us to ‘Say No To Aging As Decline’ and gives what he calls the ‘Big Three’  to stay healthy.

1.  Continue to move.  2.  Challenge the brain, learn new things.  3. Stay engaged with others.äskulapstab gespiegelt

Dr Ephriam Engleman is 102.5 years old and he is a specialist in arthritis.  He says too much emphasises is placed on exercise and consequently he drives everywhere.  He has just successfully renewed his licence until he is 105.  He has been married for 73 years and believes it is necessary to choose the right partner.

He also recommends, don’t take fish oil, don’t weigh yourself, don’t fuss with diets, don’t fly and only see a doctor when absolutely necessary.  He uses a cane and says it is essential not to fall.   His final words are,’ keep young, keep happy and keep breathing’.

Dr Ephraim plays violin in a quartet, is also part of a larger group of chamber musicians and visits his clinic on a fairly regular basis.  He gives advice on YouTube.

It seems the recent tips I have read hold in common the need to stay mentally active and enjoy hobbies, activities and social interaction.  Diet and physical exercise whilst very important appear to take second place to mental health.  Maybe its back to the old maxim a little of what you fancy does you good and live a life with a good all round balance.

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