A TIRED STORY – Joy Barrow

There is nothing quite like a trip into hospital and an unexpected one at that to make a person reassess their lifestyle.

I had been feeling tired and a little breathless and decided to visit my G.P. who recommended a blood test and a chest x-ray.woman with a headache

Next day my husband and I were travelling to lunch with  friends when his mobile rang.  I answered as he was driving and was told this call was a message for his wife who they had been trying to contact without luck.  Could I please pass a message on to Joy Barrow .  ‘She should come to Mudgee Emergency immediately’.  I was flabbergasted as I really didn’t feel sick or in any pain whatsoever.  My first thought was they had rung the wrong person.  The next one was that I had left a belonging behind during the blood test appointment.  But no it was me they wanted and right away.

On arrival I was told I had a very low haemoglobin level and my iron reading was zero.  I expected to get a script for iron and proceed to lunch.  I was even more surprised when I was given a card for Dubbo Base Emergency Hospital and told to hand it in and not to wait in the queue.  On arrival I was transported by wheelchair!

A CT scan revealed no internal problems but the blood count reading established I needed blood and iron transfusions.  A scope was arranged for the next day.  This did reveal blood was being lost through perforations in the duodenum and this could be repaired by tablets.

I had no pain, a healthy diet and nothing wrong except for getting tired too easily and becoming a bit breathy on my afternoon walk.

My husband and I had read so many stories of people waiting to get into hospital, long queues in emergency departments and further delays to see surgeons and the impossibility of operations and theatre bookings.  Consequently, David became more convinced every step of the way that I was in dire straights.

After two packs of blood and one of iron I am back home and fighting fit with renewed vigour.  I will make sure from now on that if I feel tired I will get a blood test or take iron tablets.Running healthy red heart character

P.S.  My grab bag wasn’t packed and I ended up giving my husband copious notes to find undies, nighties and toilet items. Of course the end result wasn’t brilliant…so even if you feel well have a small bag ready to go and don’t ignore even small signs that a health check is needed.