It is hard for me to believe that I wished you all a very happy Christmas & New Year on 4th December and promised Fifty Five Plus would return on 4th March.  That seemed an age but suddenly here we are 3 months later and once again I am reading your stories and looking for more.

My Christmas did not turn out as expected.  I had a very careless fall and managed to do a lot of damage to the right hand side of my body.  The major ongoing pain was through a wrist that needed a plate and several broken ribs that made moving very unpleasant.  Now all but the wrist is healed and I am almost back to my normal lifestyle.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the pleasure of sailing or learning new tricks, or living aboard the new boat.  I did however, read a lot, get through a huge number of crosswords, watch sport on day time television (a huge sin in our family) and through aqua aerobics and short walks in the local park keep up a semblance of activity.Time To Think Concept

Well what have I learned:  I need to keep a constant watch where I put my feet and look ahead for obstacles.  I tend to get over excited and dash around and I have to concede I no longer have the bouncability factor going for my body.  I am starting a new series of classes which teach through talks and exercises ‘how to keep safe from falls’.  Next year I have no intentions of spending the Christmas, New Year season in a cast and I want to get rid of the excess kilos I put on from too much sitting and get ready to learn to sail albeit one year late!

I hope this year will be wonderful for all our readers and I look forward to hearing your stories, drooling over your recipes and finding out how you keep adventure and excitement in your life.

Cheers, Joyimage003