MEET MARG CARROLL AND READ THE REVIEW OF HER LATEST BOOK 5t Marg Carroll grew up in the isolated Murga Valley in central western New South Wales. Curiosity about people and places took her to Sydney University to study geography, followed by post-graduate degrees in town and country planning and social ecology. When she married, Marg moved back to central New South Wales from where she has worked off-farm in local government, health and housing establishing innovative projects in rural areas, such as the first Abbeyfield family-style house for older people in New South Wales, ORANGESEARCH healthy cities project and the Central West Rural Financial Counselling Service. From NSW Agriculture in Orange she headed the statewide Rural Women’s Network for six years. Marg runs the family farm at Molong with husband Bill and helped found the Upper Mandagery Landcare Group. An Australian Rural Leadership scholarship provided the catalyst for her to photograph and write about remarkable rural Australians. Her first book Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives was published in 2001, and in 2008 Reinventing the Bush ~ inspiring stories of young Australians.  image002 The Man Who Loved Crocodiles and Stories of other Adventurous Australians This is the third book that Marg Carroll has written about special Australian men and women. In this book our attention is drawn to independent seniors who have experienced exceptional acts of accomplishment, service and selflessness. It is a spectrum of our own lives and an echo of stories that many Australians have as they reach their senior years. Marg Carroll’s writing is full of empathy. She delves into the lives of fifteen delightful characters, then draws out the essence of each person’s life, so that we are able to experience the depth and drive of each. It is very easy to laugh and cry at the same time as we read each amazing story. Hunting wild buffalo on horseback, escaping from Nazi SS camps, capturing rogue crocodiles, walking in the steps of Burke and Wills with only camels for company are just a few of the stories. In immersing herself in their lives there is also shades of Marg Carroll’s own life revealed which adds a very human touch to the stories. In my senior years I find that I only want to read that which is worthwhile. The Man Who Loved Crocodiles fills all expectations. I loved reading this book, and can highly recommend it. It’s the perfect gift for that special friend. Book reviewer  –  Vivienne Sinderberry – COTA ACT For further information visit:  Marg Carroll’s website –  Phone orders: 02 6366 8580/0421 665201