It is with mixed feelings that I am saying cheerio to ‘Fifty Five Plus’.  I wont say goodbye as one day it may resurface.

As you read in the article earlier this month, my husband David is going to live in Fiji for a year.  After careful thought I decided to make a lifestyle change also.  I have enjoyed my time in Mudgee, but by and large I am a water girl and the call of the ocean is ever present.  I also know my limitations and without David’s ever helping hand I believe I would be come overwhelmed driving long distances particularly in the dark.

So here I go, the house is on the market.  I am looking at property in Newcastle on the NSW Central  Coast, and I am downsizing yet again.  This time to a flat.  More treasures to sort and find homes for.  A new town to explore for things of interest, new people to meet and hopefully a variety of new activities.  With light rail on my doorstep and the interchange just a few steps away I will enjoy the ease of exploring without the worry of driving back home at night.  Yes, I am being positive.  This may well be my last move and I want to get it right.  The old saying ‘next time I move it will be out of here in a box’ may become my mantra.  Having moved several times from one side of the world to the other, worked in many countries, moved from the coast to a vineyard and then to a country town I think I should make this the last pack up and go journey.

Maybe I will one day find the time and energy to pick up Fifty Five Plus and run with it.  In the meantime I will be writing short stories, my biography and enjoying book clubs and libraries.  Farewell to all our readers, thanks so much to everyone who has contributed over the years and in particular to Ronny my friend from Solomon Islands who has faithfully sent in a story to every edition.  Thanks also go to my husband David, a great critic who keeps an eye on the accuracy of my work and to my daughter Niki who is my inspiration.  Bouquets to everyone.

Please keep writing your stories, they are truly important and one day will be treasured by the younger members of your family.

With love and every good wish for the future and your penmanship.                                                                             Joy