I recently came across a wonderful quote from the 2015 TED winner.  ‘EVERYONE AROUND YOU HAS A STORY THAT THE WORLD NEEDS TO HEAR’. Please share yours with Fifty Five Plus.

A Great Site for information and lots of laughs is Senior Planet. It is New York based and although people outside the area can’t take part in the actual activities, or visit the centre,  the information is wonderful.  Senior PlanetThere are lots of amusing and serious stories that have a depth of meaning to people around the world.  From scientists to actors, from doctors to artists, drag queens to conservatives it is a wealth of information.  I am often amazed at the courageous moves people make to exotic places and the way in which they embrace life and take on adventurous activities.Sky diving

I just watched a short video made by Mary Maxwell called ‘Hilarious Invocation’ and it certainly justifies the title.   Mary makes a biweekly on line video entitled ‘Laughing With Mary’ and this is a short quote from the one I have just watched.

‘The thing about old age is you don’t get a chance to practice. This is the first time I have been old and it just sort of crept up on me…..

This video is worth watching and I won’t kill off the gags by sharing any more of her jokes, they are a lot funnier when spoken by Mary who has the best poker face I have ever seen.  One link has years of Mary’s videos bracketed together.  So if you have the time take a few hours to laugh.

You can access Senior Planet:

Laughing with Mary:


WAR HERO –  a poem by Diane St Hilaire Simmonds  written for Anzac Day and the centenary of Anzac Day.  

He walked the Kokoda Trail, New Guinea,

And fought for freedom,

He took orders from political war commanders;

Took brave action when he thought best.

From Irish stock,

Strong, decisive, unconventional.

A war hero.

Worked a farm at Nyngan

A war against drought, floods and plagues,

Still a strong, decisive character – innovator.

Breaking all the rules

To succeed

Which is good, when you are 20.

But now, he is 90

And when he breaks the rules;

Is strong, eccentric, unconventional,

Clings to his human rights,

He is thrown in the clink – a ‘nursing home’

Told what to eat,

What to drink,

To sit in a chair’

Be quiet

And pee into a nappy –

Our war hero,

who fought for freedom.


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