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We have all at one time or another scratched our heads trying to come up with a meaningful gift.

My husband recently turned 70 and I agonised over ways to celebrate and what to buy as a present. I knew I was not going to be able to eclipse his present to me as I spent my birthday at The Taj Mahal and a trip overseas at this time was out of the question.

So often by a certain age we are stuck for gift ideas as the people in question have everything they need and no longer want to collect more possessions. If anything they are downsizing and passing on the excesses they no longer need. Mind you many blokes would settle for Porsche’s or Ferrari’s but I think that’s just a dream!

David on the window seat of the hotel
David on the window seat of the hotel

Memories are very important and making a fabulous occasion can take the misery out of trying to find the ‘right’ gift. I talked to the family and we decided to arrange a mixture of ‘memorable’ events.

I billed this present as a mystery tour and until we got to Sydney David had no idea where we were staying. On the morning of his birthday we had breakfast overlooking the harbour and a card that listed the various activities. He was just so thrilled and Mozart was an excellent choice.

I booked premier seats at The Sydney Opera House and was very lucky that ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ was playing on David’s actual birthday. Further there was a director’s chat over a glass of wine in the foyer. As we live in the country going to the opera is a special occasion for us.

At the Opera House
At the Sydney Opera House

The birthday package included a three day stay at The Rocks with glorious harbour views. A lunch at a special Indian restaurant at Wooloomooloo, walks and morning tea in the gardens and a trip to the CBD to try out our new OPAL cards. This was not as relaxing as we expected owing to detours for roadworks. However, it was a first for us as we use buses and trains overseas but rarely in our home town. Although not one for shopping, David did enjoy strolling through the city with nothing more important on his mind than buying new sun glasses.

The second evening was a birthday dinner hosted by our daughter at her home. We were fortunate that the majority of our family could attend and with four couples and three grandchildren it certainly was a most memorable night.  There was lots of fun between blowing out candles, enjoying party jokes, eating a gourmet meal and making endless toasts with a lovely champagne.Wine and cheese

Our children gave David Gift Cards for restaurants and I am guessing there are a few more memories on the way. The first one will be shared with our son and his family in September paving the way for another set of good memories.

I felt happy that my husband had a very satisfying and exciting birthday and as we drove back home I was already thinking of what we could eat after all the exotic foods and drinks. Whatever it may be it will need to be based on a weight loss program after such sumptuous meals.

We were both truly spoilt and the added bonus about giving memories as a gift is we all get to share in the fun.