A sincere thank you for allowing me the privilege of gathering your stories and sharing them with hundreds of others each month. ‘Fifty Five Plus’ has a growing readership thanks to the interesting stories you have sent in.  I plan to return next year and I hope there will be a deluge of tales awaiting me in 2017. It was not an easy decision to take but hopefully it will be the catalyst for great new stories and enthusiasm all round.

Sri Lanka 3As I leave Australia to take up a year’s residence in Sri Lanka I am both excited at this new opening in my life and a little apprehensive at the same time. I love living in Mudgee (a small town in the Central West of NSW) and having a wonderful family with whom I can share special events, so that causes the apprehensive side. On the balance side I think I must have some gypsy blood as I never seem to stay put for too long.

The unknown holds a magnet for me and I am told Sri Lanka is a great place to live and it is like India without the steroids! I guess in a few weeks I can judge that for myself. Born in Norway, going to school in Northern Ireland, living in London and being a boat person to Australia has been a fantastic experience. I leave Australia from time to time. I was away for a couple of years making a documentary series, which took me to 12 different countries in Europe. A sojourn of five years in Solomon Islands has added great colour and ‘Fifty Five Plus’ evolved through my magazine writing in Honiara.

My hope is that Sri Lanka will endow me with a wealth of experience and stories. Once I find a house or apartment for my husband and I, get to know the lay of the land and meet lots of locals I will once again start publishing. The one certain thing is I always come back home to Australia.  Besides I still (shame) haven’t been to The Northern Territory! Again my thanks and I wish everyone a peaceful, healthy and happy time until we meet again.

Beautiful chrysanthemum flowers in wicker basketA well earned bouquet for everyone.  Joy