Nursing Home’s Calendar Puts Residents in Classic Film Roles


A nursing home made a great gift for their staff and family members of its residents: a limited edition calendar featuring its residents dressed as actors in scenes from their favorite classic films, including Titanic, Rocky, James Bond, Blues Brothers, Mary Poppins, and more. The participants from Essen, Germany’s Contilia Retirement Group—their ages range from 75 to 98(!)—spoke to Der Spiegel about the shoot, describing it as “tremendously fun” and “exciting.”





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Most of us have something that bugs us over and over again.  I have several and I have acted on these by talking to the store and on one occasion by writing to consumer affairs.

It was with great delight that I found labels are now often printed on garments instead of the horrible old style itchy ones.  I damaged several garments while unpicking the offending synthetic labels.  Manufacturers should be made aware of the irritation caused by many clothing labels.

Another of my bug bears is the size of print given for instructions on how to use a product.  When these are written on glossy paper it is almost impossible to read fine print and when my glasses aren’t good enough, I choose another brand.  Manufacturers should be made aware that consumers need to be able to read labels.

Narrow parking spaces in shopping complexes often mean the door of a car can only be partially opened.  As I can no longer spring up and squeeze my body from the car this entails me moving on and searching for yet another spot. No wonder cars have dents in the side where owners have returned and struggled to get in.  At a talk given recently by a senior policeman I asked about the legal size for parking spaces and learned it is at the discretion of the owner/designer of the site.  Now I understand why many people drive small town cars.

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Contributed by T. Dunk via Gawker