Having recently read about the demise of the signature and instructions for keeping pins, security codes and devices safe from thieves, my head was reeling.  How many codes do I have and how much can I remember?news on a tablet, laptop and phone

I grew up in an era without iPhones, I-Pads, laptops and PC’s.  Consequently there were no codes, just hidden bank books and valuables stashed in ‘safe places’.  The electricity, telephone and gas companies took customers at face value.

As for acronyms I have decided to give up on all but the most common.  SUV, ATM, LOL and a handful of others.  I found a dictionary for text messaging and another for government acronyms and one for general usage.  It was for me like looking at a foreign language.Closeup of an ATM machine

Instructions included, don’t write your passwords down, don’t store them in your computer, don’t use family or pet names or dates of birth, don’t use the same code more than once and change them frequently!  The latter meant I would have to change codes just as I began to remember them.

So I checked my codes.  ATM, Banking, Internet Banking, Wireless Code, Outlook Express, Gmail, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Ebay, E Tag, El Gas, Electricity, Face Book, Fifty Five Plus, Google, Gumtree, LinkedIn, Paypal, Pinterest, Skype, Trend Micro, Virgin and WordPress.

The time had come for action and going through my secret little book (against the password law), I soon found that  I had used the same password more than once and that more and more organisations wanted passwords and questions and answers for extra security.

A young friend gave me a solution.  There is an Apps called 1Password.  Everything is stored in your personal 1Password vault and the one Master Password is known only to the user.  My husband for one was a bit cynical about the safety of this but then he only has to remember his credit card code!Credit cards

Having thought about the 1Password for days I worked out a solution.  l would store everything except the banking on the Master Password and remember the bank pins and codes.  After all who cares about our electricity, gas, phone etc., and then companies also ask safety questions.  Even I have to scratch my head to think of my first pet’s name or my best friends school or my first boyfriend, so who else would know these.

If you want to take care of all those passwords and stop your head from reeling or even worse, having to write the passwords down! or download from the Apple Store.